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Well this one is a pretty strange and scary. It’s not a story by definition but rather an event or a series of events, as claimed by the guy who told me this. I tell you one thing that it does not have big loopholes in its narration.

It was another power cut and we were roaming on the roof. The famous supernatural discussion sparked, don’t know still who did that. The night was cold (January) and there was fog around. We freaks were roaming on the roof to have some adventure, now I guess only stupid like us could do that. Started the discussion with the significance of vaastu in our life, some said its all fake some said it works up to some extent, I gave the explanation of earth’s magnetic field and the need for arranging things according to that for proper working and how we are also influenced by the magnetic fields of earth as we also have flowing metallic fluids inside our body due which we posses certain degree of magnetic field( I just said that, without knowing the truth, to had an impression). And then came an example of how vaastu works that made all of us to sweat in that cold air. Here it goes………

There was a house near Baerallei, it was a big house but no one tried to live in there. The householder wanted to sell that and he was quoting the half of what that should cost, by the area it covered. But no body dared to buy that. Until one day this daring village landlord came to buy it. He first inquired why people were reluctant to buy that house in spite of good location and big area at half rates. A property dealer in the same area told him that the house was incorrect by vaastu. The man asked him if something wrong had ever occurred in the house. In reply the property dealer told him that nothing wrong had occurred to anyone there or near that house but its just that people believe that the house is not good. He said that some people had seen figures in that house but the man rejected that as a myth as the house was unoccupied. The man was a daring guy who rejected the plea of vaastu. He bought the house and started living in there. His family used to live back in the village and the man lived in the city for some business.

One night the man returned from a hectic day and purchased some milk and bread to eat as he was too tired to cook anything. He boiled the milk and let it cool after that. He dipped the bread in milk full glass and started eating that bread. After a few pieces of bread, he felt like vomiting, he went to the wash basin and vomited. And the scene was horrifying, what he vomited was not milk and bread but was a piece of flesh, red raw flesh. He couldn’t understand that event and being daring and ignorant he went to sleep without taking that seriously. Next morning he woke up and started to step towards the bathroom. He felt something was glued to his feet, it was a black feather. He bent down to see that and saw that a whole bunch of black feathers were collected beneath his bed. He thought that this could be some crow thing but saw that the windows were closed. Warning bells struck his mind now. But he dared to spend one day more in that house. He ate his breakfast and went for work. He came in the evening and saw that there were black feathers spread all over that place. He washed the floor, and went in the kitchen. He prepared some daal and rice and went into the bathroom to wash his hands. When he came back, the daal turned all white and there was fungus all over that. The rice turned black due to moulds. They smelt like they were placed there for years. He was scared now and decided to go back to his village in the morning. He slept and kept all the windows and lights on. In the morning he woke up and saw that his whole back was scratched and wounded like somebody had done that with claws. He was horrified. He went back to the village to see his family and during the whole journey he vomited black liquid. In the village a Brahmin told him to visit the holy Ganga in Benaras. He went there with his family to take a dip in holy Ganga. But as he went near the water, he felt heavy stomach pain and denied to bath there. His family insisted him to take a dip but he screamed and was trying to run away from the waters. He was screaming “take me home, take me to my big house” after a few years he died. His son told the Brahmin that he never went to any temples and holy rivers after that incidence.

Now that was a scary tale. We asked our friend who told us this story to define the vaastu of that house. He said that the house had ‘shermukhi’ vaastu means the one which has a lion head structure (triangular with the vertex below the side, inverted triangle type). It is broader in front and narrows in the back. He said the Hindu mythology prefers ‘gaumukhi’ vaastu, cow-headed structure.

It is just reverse of shermukhi, narrow in front and broad in back.
I relaxed myself thinking that my house is a rectangular one not a triangular. By the way I have never seen a triangular house, have you?

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