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It was one of the most demanded topics of debate in the student fraternity of my institute, no matter what people knew they would comment. And I will not hesitate to say that most of the time the discussion was in favour of china; we know Indians love to play the devil’s advocate, going against the usual national sentiments, to seek the attention. Here in this case, some extra neural brains like me knew that supporting India would be the key to seek more attention because we would be in minority. Here is the summary of lots of such discussions that I heard and participated.

A: the Chinese growth is above 10, which indicates that they are far away from us!

B: yes! The Indian shit bureaucracy is all corrupt and they suck all the money granted to the people. For same reason we don’t have a proper infrastructure and services for the people. Why the hell will anybody from the production industry setup plants in India? The Chinese FDI in such sectors is way ahead of us, and that’s why they are making above 10 score, and our corrupt and lame government seek pleasures in enhancing the pay scale of these corrupt officials. Hell man! What’s the need to give these shit people more money; they don’t deserve even the half of current. We are giving more and more to these people and that’s the reason why we score 6-7.

A: true. We all know that if we have to establish a business we have to shit in pockets of those morons. How can u expect a proper growth with such corrupt system?

C: at least we people can think about the business and all that, poor Chinese can’t even think so, until they belong to a wealthy family. The communist regime has doomed the freedom of country. They can’t move freely, they can’t talk freely. The growth in china is all fake. The regime often show the wrong data or even if it’s true, what’s the point in living in a country of 10% growth and no freedom to talk, move and shit. Man! In India the government fears the people, they think a thousand times to take a step but in china they just do without taking the consent of the people and they don’t care what the hell people think. In India we have a strong media; china has a media of no ears and eyes. What the hell one can do with such nation’s 10% growth?

A: well that’s not a bad thing. If the government there turns into a softie then the people wouldn’t let it do good things. See here in India, if you have to build a road across some temple or a moth u can’t do it. Why? Because people here waste more resources on stones than on the country.

C: well brother! Back in china in the same situation they would demolish the temple or the moth. And it’s not just the temple and the moth; they wouldn’t hesitate in demolishing your home, if it’s found in a similar situation. And I am sure you wouldn’t like that.

B: but there then we would get a replacement house.

C: oh sure! If they give you a replacement, well and if they don’t you wouldn’t be able to even complaint against them. India gives you the right to complaint even against the government, it is another matter that we dumb heads doesn’t use that.
You know china even don’t have half of the entrepreneurs we have, reason, they lack freedom.

A: down with this freedom man. Freedom comes with equality, where it is in India. The divide between rich and poor is bigger here. Freedom comes with justice; I would spend decades in courts to claim my freedom, what kind of shit is that? Freedom comes with security; does any one feel safe nowadays? I haven’t heard about terror attacks in china though they also have separatist problems. You know why? They have got a backbone to deal with such issues. They don’t waste time thinking about the response of people; they straight away deal with them and deal permanently. Here in India we even can’t deal with the dacoits and naxals, because a particular section of the society supports them, and we want votes from them. The famous largest democracy in the world let the right to even criminals to contest in elections, majority of them are criminals these days. And when we have criminals to run a state how can anyone expect growth and freedom. U know! People would prefer a Chinese type system with less freedom than an Indian system with lots of insecurity and more freedom.

C: u can say all that because you are not in china, u are in India otherwise in china you would have been executed for making anti national statements. Can you see this? India gives us the right to change what we don’t like in the system. Criminals are running the state because we let them to run. See, it is the fault of the people not the system. In India we have labour issues, back in china they don’t have any labour issue because the labour there don’t have the right to say anything against the system. U must have heard about the labour atrocities back in Chinese coal mines, a sure case of human right violation. Nowadays in India, labour can screw the owner, u know why? Because they have got the power to vote. In India people from very low section of the society can rise up to new heights, must heard about Ambanis and Kalams. Back in china this is rare as the poor there are destined to perform the shit coal mining sort of things allotted by the government to them. And see they even can’t ask for more.

B: see what so ever the reason being they are performing better than us. They have better infrastructure, better services, better policies, and better army. Sometimes for the sake of country people have to sacrifice the freedom. And in return what you get is a better country. Leaving the poor aside, all others in china are enjoying world class infrastructure and services. Poor in India are no better. But it is the middle class of china which has far more facilities than our middle class. If you are earning some money, you get more viable options to spend in china than in India. They pay taxes and reap the services; we pay taxes and get a shit, sometimes people feel like being crooked by this tax system. Why they ask for taxes if they can’t provide roads, sewer, security, justice, and infrastructure? Poor in the whole world have the same destiny but it is the common middle class which has everything to do with the services, because they are capable of growth and the nation which can provide them such services would be superior.

C: that is true but I think more than services what we need for growth is freedom. Freedom to think and speak of our mind. And u ignored the poor section of the society by saying that they have the same status everywhere. But they have equal rights here in India. U know when deprived people forced to live so for a longer period of time, they erupt violently and revolution occurs. The Indian system works as a pressure valve (by providing rights to speak), it releases the pressure when it exceeds a limit because it is flexible and in that way it remains safe. But the Chinese type system which is rigid, and there is no pressure valve available, can collapse if the pressure exceeds the limits. That is why they say Chinese bubble, u know? It can burst anytime.

A: hey! I thought they say Chinese bubble because china is primarily into manufacturing sector and not in any services sector and manufacturing sector can get sluggish in the future and India being into the services will always be in demand.

C: oh! I didn’t know the meaning of Chinese bubble, so I framed that in my argument, hope u people wouldn’t mind.

And the discussions had several other points like indo-Chinese war, why Chinese fail to control feminine in spite of having infrastructure while we poor Indians do it as a normal thing, Chinese learning English beware!, Indians jumping into manufacturing etc. sometimes some philanthropic idiots would raise the point of India and china rather than India vs china. In response they got a never ending Indian abuse handbook dedicated to them from all those who were wasting their time discussing about India vs china. One thing was sure; people no longer trust china as an alley so they can’t say India and china. Ah! We Indians learns from our mistakes, remember that slogan hindi-chini bhai bhai, what a shit was that.


A: beware! Chinese have built up an anti satellite missile system. They can now attack from the top.
B: don’t worry, till the last day of universe, U.S will protect the only nation capable of neutralising china in Asia (i.e. India) against any Chinese threat. So just chill buddy!

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  1. hey , it was a very very good post.. i wish i had read it before coz it was the one of the topic in gd's i have faced so far... very informative...