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There are a few mythological truths that I came to know during my graduation. Beyond the general expectation these people would know a lot about the various mythological texts such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and panchtantra. Some of the facts I guess are also not known to you people. So let me reveal the mysteries of some of our mythological books, as I heard. There can be a debate about the relevance and credibility of these stories, but the fact remains the same that mythology is the stuff which is born out of people’s mouth, so we shouldn’t talk about their credibility.
Here is a collection of such stuff and stories related to them.

1. After completing his life spell on earth when lord Ram was going back to Baikunth, he decided to go through the sea route (sagar Samadhi). When he started to leave ayodhya, the whole crowd started to follow him. Due to concerns about the public, he told “all the women and men should go back” all the men and women went back to ayodhya. When lord Ram reached the sea coast he turned back to take a look of the earth. What he saw amazed him. A group of eunuchs were following him, throughout his journey. They were not men nor women, so they didn’t follow his orders. Lord Ram understood this at once. Gratified by their love, Ram blessed them saying “you will rule the Kaliyug”. And by this way it is proposed that the regime of Kaliyug will be governed by the eunuchs. And if u take a look around u will know that the blessing is coming true. Several of the big names in the world (Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander etc), were bisexual or gays, and bisexuals and homosexuals were considered eunuchs in ancient times. The student who told me this told me the present day examples how eunuchs are winning the elections in India in some provinces. He said that when we will have a full fledged Kaliyug, there will be a complete mid-sex regime, whose beginning has started already.

2. Not lots of people know how Krishna died. Well he actually died during a war with the fishermen, when an arrow pierced through his feet. He had Amrita in his feet, and when the arrow hit his feet, the amrita spilt over. It is said that Krishna proposed his demise before the war, like he knew what was going to happen, or he intentionally wanted to leave the earth. This story strangely resembles the demise of Achilles in the war of Troy, strange! They said that the western literature is copied from our great poems, means how the Achilles strangely resembles the characters of Krishna and Devvrata(bhishma, son of a river, and baptised and shielded by dipping in Ganges, just like Achilles)

3. Does any one know what happened to Eklavya after the famous Dronacharya event? Well he joined the army of one of the regional kings( I can not recall his name) and when the king fought against the army of lord Krishna, Eklavya hurled a storm on the other army with his arrows. He was fighting so brilliantly that Krishna himself had to fight him, and after a long war with this warrior, Krishna killed him by launching a heavy rock on his chest.

4. There is a story famous about the Alexander and Chandragupta maurya. After Alexander won parts of Punjab, Chandragupta went to meet him and asked him to launch an attack on Magadh dynasty king Ghananand who was atrocious towards his public. He argued that though Magadh has the strongest army in India, it would collapse in war as the people wouldn’t fight for such atrocious king and there was a rebel possible in magadh. Alexander asked him why he was helping an outsider cheating his own king and why should he believe him, as he had already cheated his king. The argument became too hot between the two, and Alexander got annoyed by the way Chandragupta boldly spoken to him. He ordered his arrest. Chandragupta was sent to dark jail room, underground the palace where Alexander was staying. The next morning, there were three guards found dead in front of that room, and there was no sign of Chandragupta.

5. Sehdev the elder of the Nakul-Sehdev duo was a genius astrologer and was specialist in preparing the kundali and Patras. Before the beginning of Mahabharata war Suyodhan( that was his real name, faked one is Duryodhan) went to Sehdev and asked him to make a kundali for his army, for the period of war, telling accurately the time of attack, so he wouldn’t loose the battle. Sehdev found himself in a dilemma situation and couldn’t decide what to do, whether to serve the duty of an opponent or an astrologer. He was bound to his duty of an astrologer to help people. He decided to predict the timings for Suyodhan army. He asked him to come in the morning so that he could finish his work in the night. He finished the kundali and slept. Krishna aware of the situation altered the kundali in Sehdev’s absence. In the morning Suyodhan took the altered kundali and as a result, we all know what happened to is army. Well this story is not well known, and I also don’t know whether this one is true or not.

6. Most people don’t know the real reason behind the opposition of Pandavas from the Suyodhan. They think that the reason is that he wanted to inherit his father’s throne and wanted to go by the rule, that the son of the elder brother should hold the crown. But this was not actual reason. The reason was the Pandavas were born in forest and knowing that Pandu couldn’t be a father, Suyodhan was not able to believe that the Pandavas were Pandu’s son. So ultimately his argument was that if Pandavas were not the son of Pandu, how they could ask for any property of his state. That’s why he was not ready to give land even equal to a husk tip to Pandavas. And for the same reason he decided to fight till death. Well the reason was strong enough. How can any one who was born from a different man ask for the property of his mother’s husband, who is not his father?

7. There is a story about Abhimanyu the hero. It is said he was the moon god, and was spending the life on earth due to some shraap. He died so early because lord Krishna didn’t want him to live longer on earth and go back to heaven, completing his punishment incarnation as soon as possible. Well such myths seems correct knowing that the greats like Karna( son of sun), Suyodhan, dhrona, Ahwathaama were not able to defeat him, and had to run away from him, during their one to one battle with him.

8. Well this one is a local story, and is not a reference from Mahabharata. It is said that Ashwathama who was cursed to live on earth till the end of Kaliug, come to a temple of Shiva near Chitrakoot, every morning just before sunrise. The temple priests take away all the offerings on the Shivalinga every evening, and close the gates of temples after that in the night. In the morning they find yellow flowers on the Shivalinga, everyday. Well this one is nearest to a fake story, like those typical local stories.

9. Hey have u ever heard about the Pret-bela? I heard of this when one of my friends abused someone being born in Pret-bela. I asked him about that. He said it is the time when we observe a simultaneous rainfall and sunshine. This happens because Pret (angels or demons, I don’t know) marry during this time span. People born in this time are either super talented or super dumb. “Ah! What a shit myth is that” I told him. In reply he said “ pal, who cares about the myth, enjoy its different usages, as I did”

10. Well this one came out as a suggestion. There was a guy in our hostel who used to light the mustard oil filled lamps on Saturday in front of a Banyan tree( or peepal, I don’t know),fearing Saturn god. One day during a discussion over lord Hanuman, a guy told that the people who worship lord Hanuman, they need not to fear about any Shani-baadha, or Saturn god. Hanuman had defeated the Saturn god, when the Saturn tried to hinder his way, while he was going back to Lanka with Sanjivaani. He put the hell out of Saturn and made Saturn to promise that he wouldn’t trouble any Hanuman’s devotee. So if u have some problems due to Saturn god, pray to lord Hanuman.


  1. Very interesting factual information.Thanks for sharing it.


  2. 4th point is not clear,,, well most are MYTH only from the mythology