Friday, July 24, 2009



No discussion in India is complete without the politics discussions and the amazing thing is that people abuse politicians and suggest not to enter politics, yet discuss politics as their favourite pastime like any politician…….hypocrisy is in Indian blood. We also discussed politics a lot…especially the great U.P politics. Here is a summary of such discussions.

A: well I think we should not discuss politics, Indian politics is hopeless. It would be wise to discuss politics of some other nation, Indian politics don’t worth such time consuming discussions.

B: Indian politics not worth discussion…..what are u saying? Even, Indian politics is the only politics in the world worth discussion. Politics of western countries or politics of Pakistan and China type dictatorships cab be discussed even by kids, Indian politics is most complex hence deserve discussion.

A: I think that is the real problem, our politics is too complex…regionalism, communalism, castism, corruption, development and power are the blending ingredients of our politics. It’s like dividing the national interest into infinite little segments.

B: well this is the real fun. During elections u cannot predict what would be the result because we never know which of these blends has worked in a particular part of population.

A: except of the national level parties such as congress and BJP I have not seen any one talking about the development.

B: that’s because the existence of such parties lies not on development issues but issues like castism, communalism and regionalism. See the MNS thing; they never talk about food, shelter or education. All they talk about is how north Indians are dangerous to local maraathi manush. This is because they know that they cannot get instant publicity by doing good things…see daily newspapers and television news, all they highlight is the bad and evil part of the society….rape, murder, corruption. I never saw them highlighting good thing such as works of some NGO or some heroic deeds of people.

A: right, the media itself is responsible for these sort politics…..they always look for villains and do not search heroes. And I think MNS is not the only one. The same is the status of BSP and SP. Sometimes I feel that the statement remains the same…only faces change. What Maraathis are for MNS are SCs for BSP and Muslims for SP. What is the difference in these parties?

B: well buddy u must appreciate the math sense of such regional parties. They know that if they get 90% votes of a particular society (minority) and if the votes of the majority are almost equally divided, they will easily win an election. It is the same example as the English adopted, divide and rule. By dividing the vote bank they are actually magnificently enhancing their chances of winning. These parties in turn are heroes of Indian democracy as these are keys in government formation….thanks to such coalition govt system. And imagine if the policies of a national authority is governed by representatives of only a small section of Indian politics. what would be the fate of nation.

A: yea that’s an old trick is very effective. But such things are not serving the nation. We adopted the model of democracy basically for development of nation. If people are voting on those grounds such as communalism, castism, regionalism etc which are against the welfare of society and nation then I don’t think such people really deserve any right to vote. If such democracy is actually harming the nation then actually there is no reason to continue with this form of democracy.

B: long live Indian democracy!