Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The great god discussion

It was Wednesday and I bunked my classes, a regular practice. After having breakfast I went to toilet to feel lighter and saw that one of my friends of electrical engg also bunked the classes. Being free, I entered into the room with clear mood of some discussion. He was reading the ‘speaking tree’ in the times of India. “Don’t worry! God is listening to you and will answer soon” I said with a witty smile like I was teasing him to read such article. “God doesn’t listen and doesn’t answer buddy. It’s a wrong set of mind, what you just said”
He answered with a smile and soft tone. The mood was all set for the great god discussion and we continued in the following way….

Me: why did u said that, obviously he listens.

He: no, no! That’s not true. Its like god has created the universe and he doesn’t interfere in the working of universe. It is just the universe which is itself doing what is happening to him.

Me: what?

He: see it as a function, u write a function and then relax. Now you can’t change the output of that function as it is set. Now if someone uses that function by inserting a value into that, a fixed output is going to come and you can’t change that output, because if you do, you are changing the function itself that you don’t want. Now that function is similar to our universe and god has already created it. Now he can’t change the output of this universe, it solely depends on us. The kind values we insert in universe would give us that kind of output.

Me: no man! Don’t define god someone like us. May be he is so capable that is can write a function as well alter its output if he wants. He created us and he wouldn’t allow things just to happen with us.

He: no. even if he is capable of altering the output of the universe, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t break the laws made by him. He made the laws of physics and mathematics, gravity, electromagnetism, etc. He made these laws so that we follow them but if he breaks these laws that would excite us also to break these laws and that he doesn’t want. So he won’t break his laws. And without breaking his laws he cannot alter the output of this universe.

Me: well might be true! But I think he is so capable that he can alter the output and we wouldn’t be able to figure that out. He can change the output so beautifully that we even can’t see it. You might have heard about luck? That is the thing. It is the way of god answering to our prayers. He enhances our chances of getting what we want if we pray to him and that thing comes in our life like something ordinary, so that we wouldn’t be able to figure out that he has altered the output of the universe. That is luck my brother. Have you heard about people who survive deadly accidents, who touch stones to turn them into gold, who are lucky in the way they wanted?

He: you might be right. Might be possible that this small human brain wouldn’t figure out his games. And that is what we call ‘Maya’.
But you know what he has done a huge mistake.

Me: what kind of mistake?

He: he fed us with the capability of learning, and one day the humans will learn to alter the law made by him, we have already defied gravity to some extent. One day humans will learn to control the nature completely and that day they will challenge the god. That day we would have all the data about the universe and large superpower full computers which will calculate all the possibilities related to those data about universe, and at that day we would know about the output of universe even before inserting the inputs and that way we will control the output of universe by feeding only favourable input. That day man will control the universe not god. Man is god’s biggest mistake, and one day he will realise this when man will challenge him. What do you think will happen then?

Me: simple! God will change some of the key features and laws of the universe and man will spent another millions of million year to know those feature and laws and million years to learn how to control them. Till then god will relax and smile at us. Then he will give us more puzzles to solve and then more and then more.


A: man! U should beware of the evil spirits; they can do what they want to us.
B: u fool! Why to fear something which is only a spirit, we are spirit plus body, aren’t we more powerful than them?

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