Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, this one is a very creepy tale and is rated the best by my gang of friends. This story is told to us by one of our friend who said that this was a real life incident of some medical college and claimed that he had seen the mms related to this story. And after hearing this story, we only wished it not to be a true incident. Here it goes…..

There was a medical college in south India. New session had just begun and the freshers were feeling the heat of ragging in the institute. But there was a Punjabi girl who was constantly refusing to get ragged and seniors were very annoyed by her attitude.

So they planned a classic trick to rag the girl. They asked the seniors girls to help them, and they all agreed. There were rooms for three in the girl’s hostel. The senior girls instructed the partners of that girl to leave the room while they would play the trick, and not to tell anything to that girl. And then came the day of trick.

The room partners left the room in the evening saying that they had to visit the market for some assignment. The targeted girl was now all alone in her room. The senior girls asked her to come out of the room and have some snacks with them. So she went with them to their room, while leaving her room unlocked. Meanwhile, the senior boys went into her room and placed a human hand on her bed, which they somehow managed to cut out of a dead body from the college mortuary. After a while the girl came back to her room. As soon as the girl entered into her room, the senior girls locked her room from outside.

The girl saw the human hand lying on her bed…and got scared out of her senses. She started crying and ran towards the door, but the door was locked from the outside. She started screaming “let me out please!” the seniors were laughing outside. She was screaming, weeping and crying for help. But the seniors were laughing out loud. But after half and hour the screaming and weeping sound stopped….and there was no sound coming out of the room. Seniors now got worried. They rushed towards the room’s door and opened the door. And what they saw changed their life for ever.

The girl was sitting on the roof fan, which was on at that time. She was holding the human hand with her hands and was eating the hand continually. There was blood all over in the room, got spread due to rotation of fan, and her mouth was filled with blood and flesh, and there was raw flesh odour in the room. And when the girl looked at them, she smiled.

Man this was a story directly from the hell, only thing we can expect is that the story should not be true.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Who knows better than a chemical engg the engineering aspects of cooking. Here I would like to give u a few experimental results of our experiments of chemical engineering in cooking food.

1. If u r facing the problem of ineffectiveness of green chillies in your cooked food then try this out. First pour the vegetable oil in the cooking dish and after 4 min add the required quantity of cut green chillies. Fry the chillies for 5-6 min, till their colour changes. Then add the remaining items as usual. Actually what u r doing is the chillification of vegetable oil, since the green chillies themselves cannot be spread uniformly over the cooked food, this process chillify the oil which further spread uniformly over the cooked food, making the chillies more effective. How the oil is getting chillified- it is the phenomena of solvent extraction, qualities of chillies r being extracted by the oil, when they r fried in oil.

2. While cooking our not so liked lauki and tauri , which leave water during cooking, u can add maida, hygroscopic in nature i.e. absorb water to make the cooked food tight and delicious.

3. While cooking spicy vegetables and nonveg food, add curd to lighten the effect accordingly, in spite of addition of water. Water can dissolve the nutrients but addition of curd contain them intact.

4. To make the cooked rice special, add the lemon skin while cooking it. This is what we call the aromatization of rice. But hey! Do not try this for dals.

5. while making tea…boil the water along with tea for two times and then add sugar and milk to get the best results. The trick is to extract the maximum out of tea for which the effective solvent is water not the milk. If u wish to add ginger and tulsi…..same is the case for them also. Try to extract them by boiling into the water first before adding milk. Milk is all flavour here not a good solvent.

Well more experiments are going on….will publish the results soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009



No discussion in India is complete without the politics discussions and the amazing thing is that people abuse politicians and suggest not to enter politics, yet discuss politics as their favourite pastime like any politician…….hypocrisy is in Indian blood. We also discussed politics a lot…especially the great U.P politics. Here is a summary of such discussions.

A: well I think we should not discuss politics, Indian politics is hopeless. It would be wise to discuss politics of some other nation, Indian politics don’t worth such time consuming discussions.

B: Indian politics not worth discussion…..what are u saying? Even, Indian politics is the only politics in the world worth discussion. Politics of western countries or politics of Pakistan and China type dictatorships cab be discussed even by kids, Indian politics is most complex hence deserve discussion.

A: I think that is the real problem, our politics is too complex…regionalism, communalism, castism, corruption, development and power are the blending ingredients of our politics. It’s like dividing the national interest into infinite little segments.

B: well this is the real fun. During elections u cannot predict what would be the result because we never know which of these blends has worked in a particular part of population.

A: except of the national level parties such as congress and BJP I have not seen any one talking about the development.

B: that’s because the existence of such parties lies not on development issues but issues like castism, communalism and regionalism. See the MNS thing; they never talk about food, shelter or education. All they talk about is how north Indians are dangerous to local maraathi manush. This is because they know that they cannot get instant publicity by doing good things…see daily newspapers and television news, all they highlight is the bad and evil part of the society….rape, murder, corruption. I never saw them highlighting good thing such as works of some NGO or some heroic deeds of people.

A: right, the media itself is responsible for these sort politics…..they always look for villains and do not search heroes. And I think MNS is not the only one. The same is the status of BSP and SP. Sometimes I feel that the statement remains the same…only faces change. What Maraathis are for MNS are SCs for BSP and Muslims for SP. What is the difference in these parties?

B: well buddy u must appreciate the math sense of such regional parties. They know that if they get 90% votes of a particular society (minority) and if the votes of the majority are almost equally divided, they will easily win an election. It is the same example as the English adopted, divide and rule. By dividing the vote bank they are actually magnificently enhancing their chances of winning. These parties in turn are heroes of Indian democracy as these are keys in government formation….thanks to such coalition govt system. And imagine if the policies of a national authority is governed by representatives of only a small section of Indian politics. what would be the fate of nation.

A: yea that’s an old trick is very effective. But such things are not serving the nation. We adopted the model of democracy basically for development of nation. If people are voting on those grounds such as communalism, castism, regionalism etc which are against the welfare of society and nation then I don’t think such people really deserve any right to vote. If such democracy is actually harming the nation then actually there is no reason to continue with this form of democracy.

B: long live Indian democracy!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009



There are a few mythological truths that I came to know during my graduation. Beyond the general expectation these people would know a lot about the various mythological texts such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and panchtantra. Some of the facts I guess are also not known to you people. So let me reveal the mysteries of some of our mythological books, as I heard. There can be a debate about the relevance and credibility of these stories, but the fact remains the same that mythology is the stuff which is born out of people’s mouth, so we shouldn’t talk about their credibility.
Here is a collection of such stuff and stories related to them.

1. After completing his life spell on earth when lord Ram was going back to Baikunth, he decided to go through the sea route (sagar Samadhi). When he started to leave ayodhya, the whole crowd started to follow him. Due to concerns about the public, he told “all the women and men should go back” all the men and women went back to ayodhya. When lord Ram reached the sea coast he turned back to take a look of the earth. What he saw amazed him. A group of eunuchs were following him, throughout his journey. They were not men nor women, so they didn’t follow his orders. Lord Ram understood this at once. Gratified by their love, Ram blessed them saying “you will rule the Kaliyug”. And by this way it is proposed that the regime of Kaliyug will be governed by the eunuchs. And if u take a look around u will know that the blessing is coming true. Several of the big names in the world (Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander etc), were bisexual or gays, and bisexuals and homosexuals were considered eunuchs in ancient times. The student who told me this told me the present day examples how eunuchs are winning the elections in India in some provinces. He said that when we will have a full fledged Kaliyug, there will be a complete mid-sex regime, whose beginning has started already.

2. Not lots of people know how Krishna died. Well he actually died during a war with the fishermen, when an arrow pierced through his feet. He had Amrita in his feet, and when the arrow hit his feet, the amrita spilt over. It is said that Krishna proposed his demise before the war, like he knew what was going to happen, or he intentionally wanted to leave the earth. This story strangely resembles the demise of Achilles in the war of Troy, strange! They said that the western literature is copied from our great poems, means how the Achilles strangely resembles the characters of Krishna and Devvrata(bhishma, son of a river, and baptised and shielded by dipping in Ganges, just like Achilles)

3. Does any one know what happened to Eklavya after the famous Dronacharya event? Well he joined the army of one of the regional kings( I can not recall his name) and when the king fought against the army of lord Krishna, Eklavya hurled a storm on the other army with his arrows. He was fighting so brilliantly that Krishna himself had to fight him, and after a long war with this warrior, Krishna killed him by launching a heavy rock on his chest.

4. There is a story famous about the Alexander and Chandragupta maurya. After Alexander won parts of Punjab, Chandragupta went to meet him and asked him to launch an attack on Magadh dynasty king Ghananand who was atrocious towards his public. He argued that though Magadh has the strongest army in India, it would collapse in war as the people wouldn’t fight for such atrocious king and there was a rebel possible in magadh. Alexander asked him why he was helping an outsider cheating his own king and why should he believe him, as he had already cheated his king. The argument became too hot between the two, and Alexander got annoyed by the way Chandragupta boldly spoken to him. He ordered his arrest. Chandragupta was sent to dark jail room, underground the palace where Alexander was staying. The next morning, there were three guards found dead in front of that room, and there was no sign of Chandragupta.

5. Sehdev the elder of the Nakul-Sehdev duo was a genius astrologer and was specialist in preparing the kundali and Patras. Before the beginning of Mahabharata war Suyodhan( that was his real name, faked one is Duryodhan) went to Sehdev and asked him to make a kundali for his army, for the period of war, telling accurately the time of attack, so he wouldn’t loose the battle. Sehdev found himself in a dilemma situation and couldn’t decide what to do, whether to serve the duty of an opponent or an astrologer. He was bound to his duty of an astrologer to help people. He decided to predict the timings for Suyodhan army. He asked him to come in the morning so that he could finish his work in the night. He finished the kundali and slept. Krishna aware of the situation altered the kundali in Sehdev’s absence. In the morning Suyodhan took the altered kundali and as a result, we all know what happened to is army. Well this story is not well known, and I also don’t know whether this one is true or not.

6. Most people don’t know the real reason behind the opposition of Pandavas from the Suyodhan. They think that the reason is that he wanted to inherit his father’s throne and wanted to go by the rule, that the son of the elder brother should hold the crown. But this was not actual reason. The reason was the Pandavas were born in forest and knowing that Pandu couldn’t be a father, Suyodhan was not able to believe that the Pandavas were Pandu’s son. So ultimately his argument was that if Pandavas were not the son of Pandu, how they could ask for any property of his state. That’s why he was not ready to give land even equal to a husk tip to Pandavas. And for the same reason he decided to fight till death. Well the reason was strong enough. How can any one who was born from a different man ask for the property of his mother’s husband, who is not his father?

7. There is a story about Abhimanyu the hero. It is said he was the moon god, and was spending the life on earth due to some shraap. He died so early because lord Krishna didn’t want him to live longer on earth and go back to heaven, completing his punishment incarnation as soon as possible. Well such myths seems correct knowing that the greats like Karna( son of sun), Suyodhan, dhrona, Ahwathaama were not able to defeat him, and had to run away from him, during their one to one battle with him.

8. Well this one is a local story, and is not a reference from Mahabharata. It is said that Ashwathama who was cursed to live on earth till the end of Kaliug, come to a temple of Shiva near Chitrakoot, every morning just before sunrise. The temple priests take away all the offerings on the Shivalinga every evening, and close the gates of temples after that in the night. In the morning they find yellow flowers on the Shivalinga, everyday. Well this one is nearest to a fake story, like those typical local stories.

9. Hey have u ever heard about the Pret-bela? I heard of this when one of my friends abused someone being born in Pret-bela. I asked him about that. He said it is the time when we observe a simultaneous rainfall and sunshine. This happens because Pret (angels or demons, I don’t know) marry during this time span. People born in this time are either super talented or super dumb. “Ah! What a shit myth is that” I told him. In reply he said “ pal, who cares about the myth, enjoy its different usages, as I did”

10. Well this one came out as a suggestion. There was a guy in our hostel who used to light the mustard oil filled lamps on Saturday in front of a Banyan tree( or peepal, I don’t know),fearing Saturn god. One day during a discussion over lord Hanuman, a guy told that the people who worship lord Hanuman, they need not to fear about any Shani-baadha, or Saturn god. Hanuman had defeated the Saturn god, when the Saturn tried to hinder his way, while he was going back to Lanka with Sanjivaani. He put the hell out of Saturn and made Saturn to promise that he wouldn’t trouble any Hanuman’s devotee. So if u have some problems due to Saturn god, pray to lord Hanuman.



It was one of the most demanded topics of debate in the student fraternity of my institute, no matter what people knew they would comment. And I will not hesitate to say that most of the time the discussion was in favour of china; we know Indians love to play the devil’s advocate, going against the usual national sentiments, to seek the attention. Here in this case, some extra neural brains like me knew that supporting India would be the key to seek more attention because we would be in minority. Here is the summary of lots of such discussions that I heard and participated.

A: the Chinese growth is above 10, which indicates that they are far away from us!

B: yes! The Indian shit bureaucracy is all corrupt and they suck all the money granted to the people. For same reason we don’t have a proper infrastructure and services for the people. Why the hell will anybody from the production industry setup plants in India? The Chinese FDI in such sectors is way ahead of us, and that’s why they are making above 10 score, and our corrupt and lame government seek pleasures in enhancing the pay scale of these corrupt officials. Hell man! What’s the need to give these shit people more money; they don’t deserve even the half of current. We are giving more and more to these people and that’s the reason why we score 6-7.

A: true. We all know that if we have to establish a business we have to shit in pockets of those morons. How can u expect a proper growth with such corrupt system?

C: at least we people can think about the business and all that, poor Chinese can’t even think so, until they belong to a wealthy family. The communist regime has doomed the freedom of country. They can’t move freely, they can’t talk freely. The growth in china is all fake. The regime often show the wrong data or even if it’s true, what’s the point in living in a country of 10% growth and no freedom to talk, move and shit. Man! In India the government fears the people, they think a thousand times to take a step but in china they just do without taking the consent of the people and they don’t care what the hell people think. In India we have a strong media; china has a media of no ears and eyes. What the hell one can do with such nation’s 10% growth?

A: well that’s not a bad thing. If the government there turns into a softie then the people wouldn’t let it do good things. See here in India, if you have to build a road across some temple or a moth u can’t do it. Why? Because people here waste more resources on stones than on the country.

C: well brother! Back in china in the same situation they would demolish the temple or the moth. And it’s not just the temple and the moth; they wouldn’t hesitate in demolishing your home, if it’s found in a similar situation. And I am sure you wouldn’t like that.

B: but there then we would get a replacement house.

C: oh sure! If they give you a replacement, well and if they don’t you wouldn’t be able to even complaint against them. India gives you the right to complaint even against the government, it is another matter that we dumb heads doesn’t use that.
You know china even don’t have half of the entrepreneurs we have, reason, they lack freedom.

A: down with this freedom man. Freedom comes with equality, where it is in India. The divide between rich and poor is bigger here. Freedom comes with justice; I would spend decades in courts to claim my freedom, what kind of shit is that? Freedom comes with security; does any one feel safe nowadays? I haven’t heard about terror attacks in china though they also have separatist problems. You know why? They have got a backbone to deal with such issues. They don’t waste time thinking about the response of people; they straight away deal with them and deal permanently. Here in India we even can’t deal with the dacoits and naxals, because a particular section of the society supports them, and we want votes from them. The famous largest democracy in the world let the right to even criminals to contest in elections, majority of them are criminals these days. And when we have criminals to run a state how can anyone expect growth and freedom. U know! People would prefer a Chinese type system with less freedom than an Indian system with lots of insecurity and more freedom.

C: u can say all that because you are not in china, u are in India otherwise in china you would have been executed for making anti national statements. Can you see this? India gives us the right to change what we don’t like in the system. Criminals are running the state because we let them to run. See, it is the fault of the people not the system. In India we have labour issues, back in china they don’t have any labour issue because the labour there don’t have the right to say anything against the system. U must have heard about the labour atrocities back in Chinese coal mines, a sure case of human right violation. Nowadays in India, labour can screw the owner, u know why? Because they have got the power to vote. In India people from very low section of the society can rise up to new heights, must heard about Ambanis and Kalams. Back in china this is rare as the poor there are destined to perform the shit coal mining sort of things allotted by the government to them. And see they even can’t ask for more.

B: see what so ever the reason being they are performing better than us. They have better infrastructure, better services, better policies, and better army. Sometimes for the sake of country people have to sacrifice the freedom. And in return what you get is a better country. Leaving the poor aside, all others in china are enjoying world class infrastructure and services. Poor in India are no better. But it is the middle class of china which has far more facilities than our middle class. If you are earning some money, you get more viable options to spend in china than in India. They pay taxes and reap the services; we pay taxes and get a shit, sometimes people feel like being crooked by this tax system. Why they ask for taxes if they can’t provide roads, sewer, security, justice, and infrastructure? Poor in the whole world have the same destiny but it is the common middle class which has everything to do with the services, because they are capable of growth and the nation which can provide them such services would be superior.

C: that is true but I think more than services what we need for growth is freedom. Freedom to think and speak of our mind. And u ignored the poor section of the society by saying that they have the same status everywhere. But they have equal rights here in India. U know when deprived people forced to live so for a longer period of time, they erupt violently and revolution occurs. The Indian system works as a pressure valve (by providing rights to speak), it releases the pressure when it exceeds a limit because it is flexible and in that way it remains safe. But the Chinese type system which is rigid, and there is no pressure valve available, can collapse if the pressure exceeds the limits. That is why they say Chinese bubble, u know? It can burst anytime.

A: hey! I thought they say Chinese bubble because china is primarily into manufacturing sector and not in any services sector and manufacturing sector can get sluggish in the future and India being into the services will always be in demand.

C: oh! I didn’t know the meaning of Chinese bubble, so I framed that in my argument, hope u people wouldn’t mind.

And the discussions had several other points like indo-Chinese war, why Chinese fail to control feminine in spite of having infrastructure while we poor Indians do it as a normal thing, Chinese learning English beware!, Indians jumping into manufacturing etc. sometimes some philanthropic idiots would raise the point of India and china rather than India vs china. In response they got a never ending Indian abuse handbook dedicated to them from all those who were wasting their time discussing about India vs china. One thing was sure; people no longer trust china as an alley so they can’t say India and china. Ah! We Indians learns from our mistakes, remember that slogan hindi-chini bhai bhai, what a shit was that.


A: beware! Chinese have built up an anti satellite missile system. They can now attack from the top.
B: don’t worry, till the last day of universe, U.S will protect the only nation capable of neutralising china in Asia (i.e. India) against any Chinese threat. So just chill buddy!



Well this one is a pretty strange and scary. It’s not a story by definition but rather an event or a series of events, as claimed by the guy who told me this. I tell you one thing that it does not have big loopholes in its narration.

It was another power cut and we were roaming on the roof. The famous supernatural discussion sparked, don’t know still who did that. The night was cold (January) and there was fog around. We freaks were roaming on the roof to have some adventure, now I guess only stupid like us could do that. Started the discussion with the significance of vaastu in our life, some said its all fake some said it works up to some extent, I gave the explanation of earth’s magnetic field and the need for arranging things according to that for proper working and how we are also influenced by the magnetic fields of earth as we also have flowing metallic fluids inside our body due which we posses certain degree of magnetic field( I just said that, without knowing the truth, to had an impression). And then came an example of how vaastu works that made all of us to sweat in that cold air. Here it goes………

There was a house near Baerallei, it was a big house but no one tried to live in there. The householder wanted to sell that and he was quoting the half of what that should cost, by the area it covered. But no body dared to buy that. Until one day this daring village landlord came to buy it. He first inquired why people were reluctant to buy that house in spite of good location and big area at half rates. A property dealer in the same area told him that the house was incorrect by vaastu. The man asked him if something wrong had ever occurred in the house. In reply the property dealer told him that nothing wrong had occurred to anyone there or near that house but its just that people believe that the house is not good. He said that some people had seen figures in that house but the man rejected that as a myth as the house was unoccupied. The man was a daring guy who rejected the plea of vaastu. He bought the house and started living in there. His family used to live back in the village and the man lived in the city for some business.

One night the man returned from a hectic day and purchased some milk and bread to eat as he was too tired to cook anything. He boiled the milk and let it cool after that. He dipped the bread in milk full glass and started eating that bread. After a few pieces of bread, he felt like vomiting, he went to the wash basin and vomited. And the scene was horrifying, what he vomited was not milk and bread but was a piece of flesh, red raw flesh. He couldn’t understand that event and being daring and ignorant he went to sleep without taking that seriously. Next morning he woke up and started to step towards the bathroom. He felt something was glued to his feet, it was a black feather. He bent down to see that and saw that a whole bunch of black feathers were collected beneath his bed. He thought that this could be some crow thing but saw that the windows were closed. Warning bells struck his mind now. But he dared to spend one day more in that house. He ate his breakfast and went for work. He came in the evening and saw that there were black feathers spread all over that place. He washed the floor, and went in the kitchen. He prepared some daal and rice and went into the bathroom to wash his hands. When he came back, the daal turned all white and there was fungus all over that. The rice turned black due to moulds. They smelt like they were placed there for years. He was scared now and decided to go back to his village in the morning. He slept and kept all the windows and lights on. In the morning he woke up and saw that his whole back was scratched and wounded like somebody had done that with claws. He was horrified. He went back to the village to see his family and during the whole journey he vomited black liquid. In the village a Brahmin told him to visit the holy Ganga in Benaras. He went there with his family to take a dip in holy Ganga. But as he went near the water, he felt heavy stomach pain and denied to bath there. His family insisted him to take a dip but he screamed and was trying to run away from the waters. He was screaming “take me home, take me to my big house” after a few years he died. His son told the Brahmin that he never went to any temples and holy rivers after that incidence.

Now that was a scary tale. We asked our friend who told us this story to define the vaastu of that house. He said that the house had ‘shermukhi’ vaastu means the one which has a lion head structure (triangular with the vertex below the side, inverted triangle type). It is broader in front and narrows in the back. He said the Hindu mythology prefers ‘gaumukhi’ vaastu, cow-headed structure.

It is just reverse of shermukhi, narrow in front and broad in back.
I relaxed myself thinking that my house is a rectangular one not a triangular. By the way I have never seen a triangular house, have you?


The great god discussion

It was Wednesday and I bunked my classes, a regular practice. After having breakfast I went to toilet to feel lighter and saw that one of my friends of electrical engg also bunked the classes. Being free, I entered into the room with clear mood of some discussion. He was reading the ‘speaking tree’ in the times of India. “Don’t worry! God is listening to you and will answer soon” I said with a witty smile like I was teasing him to read such article. “God doesn’t listen and doesn’t answer buddy. It’s a wrong set of mind, what you just said”
He answered with a smile and soft tone. The mood was all set for the great god discussion and we continued in the following way….

Me: why did u said that, obviously he listens.

He: no, no! That’s not true. Its like god has created the universe and he doesn’t interfere in the working of universe. It is just the universe which is itself doing what is happening to him.

Me: what?

He: see it as a function, u write a function and then relax. Now you can’t change the output of that function as it is set. Now if someone uses that function by inserting a value into that, a fixed output is going to come and you can’t change that output, because if you do, you are changing the function itself that you don’t want. Now that function is similar to our universe and god has already created it. Now he can’t change the output of this universe, it solely depends on us. The kind values we insert in universe would give us that kind of output.

Me: no man! Don’t define god someone like us. May be he is so capable that is can write a function as well alter its output if he wants. He created us and he wouldn’t allow things just to happen with us.

He: no. even if he is capable of altering the output of the universe, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t break the laws made by him. He made the laws of physics and mathematics, gravity, electromagnetism, etc. He made these laws so that we follow them but if he breaks these laws that would excite us also to break these laws and that he doesn’t want. So he won’t break his laws. And without breaking his laws he cannot alter the output of this universe.

Me: well might be true! But I think he is so capable that he can alter the output and we wouldn’t be able to figure that out. He can change the output so beautifully that we even can’t see it. You might have heard about luck? That is the thing. It is the way of god answering to our prayers. He enhances our chances of getting what we want if we pray to him and that thing comes in our life like something ordinary, so that we wouldn’t be able to figure out that he has altered the output of the universe. That is luck my brother. Have you heard about people who survive deadly accidents, who touch stones to turn them into gold, who are lucky in the way they wanted?

He: you might be right. Might be possible that this small human brain wouldn’t figure out his games. And that is what we call ‘Maya’.
But you know what he has done a huge mistake.

Me: what kind of mistake?

He: he fed us with the capability of learning, and one day the humans will learn to alter the law made by him, we have already defied gravity to some extent. One day humans will learn to control the nature completely and that day they will challenge the god. That day we would have all the data about the universe and large superpower full computers which will calculate all the possibilities related to those data about universe, and at that day we would know about the output of universe even before inserting the inputs and that way we will control the output of universe by feeding only favourable input. That day man will control the universe not god. Man is god’s biggest mistake, and one day he will realise this when man will challenge him. What do you think will happen then?

Me: simple! God will change some of the key features and laws of the universe and man will spent another millions of million year to know those feature and laws and million years to learn how to control them. Till then god will relax and smile at us. Then he will give us more puzzles to solve and then more and then more.


A: man! U should beware of the evil spirits; they can do what they want to us.
B: u fool! Why to fear something which is only a spirit, we are spirit plus body, aren’t we more powerful than them?