Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, this one is a very creepy tale and is rated the best by my gang of friends. This story is told to us by one of our friend who said that this was a real life incident of some medical college and claimed that he had seen the mms related to this story. And after hearing this story, we only wished it not to be a true incident. Here it goes…..

There was a medical college in south India. New session had just begun and the freshers were feeling the heat of ragging in the institute. But there was a Punjabi girl who was constantly refusing to get ragged and seniors were very annoyed by her attitude.

So they planned a classic trick to rag the girl. They asked the seniors girls to help them, and they all agreed. There were rooms for three in the girl’s hostel. The senior girls instructed the partners of that girl to leave the room while they would play the trick, and not to tell anything to that girl. And then came the day of trick.

The room partners left the room in the evening saying that they had to visit the market for some assignment. The targeted girl was now all alone in her room. The senior girls asked her to come out of the room and have some snacks with them. So she went with them to their room, while leaving her room unlocked. Meanwhile, the senior boys went into her room and placed a human hand on her bed, which they somehow managed to cut out of a dead body from the college mortuary. After a while the girl came back to her room. As soon as the girl entered into her room, the senior girls locked her room from outside.

The girl saw the human hand lying on her bed…and got scared out of her senses. She started crying and ran towards the door, but the door was locked from the outside. She started screaming “let me out please!” the seniors were laughing outside. She was screaming, weeping and crying for help. But the seniors were laughing out loud. But after half and hour the screaming and weeping sound stopped….and there was no sound coming out of the room. Seniors now got worried. They rushed towards the room’s door and opened the door. And what they saw changed their life for ever.

The girl was sitting on the roof fan, which was on at that time. She was holding the human hand with her hands and was eating the hand continually. There was blood all over in the room, got spread due to rotation of fan, and her mouth was filled with blood and flesh, and there was raw flesh odour in the room. And when the girl looked at them, she smiled.

Man this was a story directly from the hell, only thing we can expect is that the story should not be true.