Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Who knows better than a chemical engg the engineering aspects of cooking. Here I would like to give u a few experimental results of our experiments of chemical engineering in cooking food.

1. If u r facing the problem of ineffectiveness of green chillies in your cooked food then try this out. First pour the vegetable oil in the cooking dish and after 4 min add the required quantity of cut green chillies. Fry the chillies for 5-6 min, till their colour changes. Then add the remaining items as usual. Actually what u r doing is the chillification of vegetable oil, since the green chillies themselves cannot be spread uniformly over the cooked food, this process chillify the oil which further spread uniformly over the cooked food, making the chillies more effective. How the oil is getting chillified- it is the phenomena of solvent extraction, qualities of chillies r being extracted by the oil, when they r fried in oil.

2. While cooking our not so liked lauki and tauri , which leave water during cooking, u can add maida, hygroscopic in nature i.e. absorb water to make the cooked food tight and delicious.

3. While cooking spicy vegetables and nonveg food, add curd to lighten the effect accordingly, in spite of addition of water. Water can dissolve the nutrients but addition of curd contain them intact.

4. To make the cooked rice special, add the lemon skin while cooking it. This is what we call the aromatization of rice. But hey! Do not try this for dals.

5. while making tea…boil the water along with tea for two times and then add sugar and milk to get the best results. The trick is to extract the maximum out of tea for which the effective solvent is water not the milk. If u wish to add ginger and tulsi…..same is the case for them also. Try to extract them by boiling into the water first before adding milk. Milk is all flavour here not a good solvent.

Well more experiments are going on….will publish the results soon.


  1. Wow how innovative to think of cooking as ascientific experiment!!!
    Great tips thanks for sharing.
    I write a cookery blog so this was very interesting post.


  2. Well you do seem to be a good cook..good luck with your experiments in cooking..

  3. interesting post
    well done
    liked your blog

  4. try for post of chef.. chem engg can expect this in recession :P